River of Tears

Time heals some wounds. Some just scab over and never heal. The slightest touch can cause it to bleed fresh. Your loss, my dear sister, is one such unhealed wound that will fester in my heart and soul until my last breath!

River of Tears

A decade of silent mourning..
A decade of unspoken pain..
A decade after your passing..
A storm of tears rain..

I cry for the life you lost..
I cry for the shattered dreams..
I cry for the hearts you broke..
I cry for what could have been..

I cry for the sound of your laughter..
I cry for the sight of your smile..
I cry for your childish tantrums..
I cry for your heart without guile..

I cry for my staunchest ally..
I cry for my little best friend..
I cry for my sister, my heart..
I cry for your untimely end..

For years I thought,
My tears ran dry..
Just the thought, ‘Ten years’..
And a river I can cry!

Wings of Fire

This was written, on the day the man who inspired millions of young Indian minds passed away on the podium while addressing students. He lived and died doing what he loved and became a true inspiration. Dedicated to the inspiring memory of former President and Space Scientist, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam!

Wings of Fire

My heart is heavy
And the tears flow
Your human life has ended
But your Wings still glow!
A simple start in life
Every success, a hard earned win
Yet with just your humble smile
Inspiration to hearts you bring..
Men covet money and power
You lived to serve the nation
Molding the next generation
A teacher with golden tongue..
They say, to live life so
That when we die, others cry..
So much have you given, so much have we lost,
That an entire nation mourns!
Your life is an Inspiration
Dying, doing what you love, a dream!
Though you're gone, your Wings of Fire
Will keep sparking young India's dreams!




We are a Family of Friends…
Day after day, together we spend…
Working, learning, laughing, together…
Building bonds that last forever!

Sometimes we’re working happy…
Sometimes we’re going mad!
But we’re there for each other,
In times, good or bad.

We learn with a passion,
We teach with a bit of fun,
Divided by our skill sets,
At heart we are one!

A vision for the future,
Together we have seen…
And every day we work together,
To bring life to that dream!

As we look back over the year,
There’s much to be thankful for…
Not just Success and the heroes, but…
Lessons Failure taught, that will take us far!

And so on this Special day,
Our lights, shine bright as morn…
As we laugh, and dance, and celebrate…
AURORA, our own new dawn!




My Everything…

Dearest Arwaaz & Aawaiz,

Today is the day I was blessed with Motherhood.. twice over! Today is the day I was blessed with you! May God Bless you and grant you love, happiness and success throughout your life! May your bond of brothers stay strong forever! 😘😘😘

πŸ’–Happy 11th Birthday πŸŽ‰Arwaaz! πŸŽ‚

πŸ’Happy 10th Birthday 🎊Aawaiz! 🎁

My Everything…

Happy Birthday…!

To the Light of my Eyes…

To the Beats of my Heart…

To the Strength of my Arms…

To the Peace of my Mind…

To the Melody in my Ears…

To the Music in my Laughter

To the Pain in my Behind…

To the Smiles on my Face…

To the Cause of my Joy

To the Source of my Courage

To the Loves of my Life

To My Everything…!

Break Down

Hi Readers,

Thank you for your patronage and support!Β 

I thought I’d share a life lesson – Never hold negative feelings or thoughts within you. Let them go before they become cancerous and eat you alive!Β 

How do we do that, you ask? Well, some people just let their tempers rule (not a good option), some people pour their hearts out to a confidante (works for few), some people use their art (the really talented ones), I use my poetry (very unimaginative, I know!). So go figure, what is ‘your’ most positive outlet for your negative emotions? And use it effectively.

Stay healthy. Stay happy. Until next time!Β 

Break Down

Break Down

Have you ever felt your heart…
On the tip of falling apart?
The only thing holding it together…
Are the tears you refuse to shed.

Have you ever felt your mind…
On the verge of breaking down?
The only thing keeping it sane…
Are the thoughts you refuse to think.

Have you ever felt your body…
On the edge of collapsing over?
The only thing that keeps it moving…
Is sheer stubborn will.

Have you ever felt your soul…
Torn by a thousand deaths?
Finding no reason for existence…
Except your lonely painful breaths.

Have you ever felt a break down…
Of your body, mind and heart?
There’s nothing more painful
Than trying to self-start!

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